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Davos Gathering of Minds Invitation

The TransHuman Code Initiative

HOTEL EUROPE | 63 Promenade | DAVOS

You are formally invited to participate in the introduction of The TransHuman Code, the first interactive “knowledge platform” for managing the convergence of humanity and technology.

Informing and engaging all citizens of the world about the dynamic influences of technology in our personal, communal and professional lives, The TransHuman Code is redefining the hierarchy of needs and how we will meet them in the future.

Originated by WISeKey and authored by Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson, The TransHuman Code features key insights from the world’s premier authorities on the application of AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, and Robotics to transhuman… education, employment, communication, transportation, communities, security, government, food, finance, entertainment and health.

The TransHuman Code Davos Gathering of Minds will feature the introduction of the world’s first digital person and the first autonomous flying vehicles, live expert interviews with leading and exclusive high-level introductions amongst platform contributors.

You will be amongst the first in the world to meet Rachel, the revolutionary Digital Personal Assistant from Soul Machines and IBM Watson. Able to see you, listen to you and feel your emotions, Rachel’s neural network combines biologically inspired models of the human brain and key sensory networks to create the virtual central nervous system that we call our Human Computing Engine. When we 'plug' our interactive Digital Humans into our cloud-based Human Computing Engine, we can transform modern life for the better by revolutionizing the way AI, robots and machines interact with people.

Vimana has created the world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle for transporting people and payload. With vertical takeoff and landing capability, the Vimana platform combines IOT, AI and Blockchain for the traveler of the future today.

We really look forward to engaging with you, at our launch gathering, to discuss The TransHuman Code at work.

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Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander is an Emmy nominated national news reporter. She can be seen every evening as a correspondent on the longest-running syndicated national news magazine television show Inside Edition. For the 2015/2016 seasons, Megan was a Special Correspondent for CBS Television with the team at Thursday Night Football, covering NFL games and related stories for all CBS affiliates around the world.

She serves as a guest commentator on CNN and Fox News. She appears in the upcoming feature film “Heartbeats” (major theater release, Summer 2017) and is also is one of the Executive Producers. She sits on the Board of Trustees for the Hugh O’Brian Youth foundation. Megan’s first book “Faith in the Spotlight- thriving in your career while staying true to your beliefs” came out in Fall 2016 and was a best seller on Amazon. She is currently working on her second book – a children’s book. She is married and has 2 young sons. Megan splits her time between NYC/Nashville.



Author, The TransHuman Code


Author, The TransHuman Code

Evgeni Borisov

CEO, Vimana Global


IBM Watson


Chief Business Officer, Soul Machines


Author, Exponential Organizations


Director - Human Dynamics Laboratory, MIT


Co-Founder and Chairman, Fast Track Institute

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The Transhuman Code Initiative

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