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Alex Pentland

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences Toshiba Professor Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program Director

Human society is being transformed by new technologies, and the big question is: What is the DNA of this emerging new world? David and Carlos have assembled a tremendous resource for understanding what this transHuman world will look like, and more importantly how we can guide it to be a world whose character is more human than technological. A must read!
Beth Porter

Cofounder and CEO of Riff Learning, researcher and lecturer with the MIT Media Lab and Boston University Questrom School of Business, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer

In 1981, The Soul of a New Machine lauded the obsessive pursuit of a technology innovation that highlighted the feverish dedication of a few bright minds. The transHuman Code reminds us that humans remain at the center of automation’s evolution, with a collective responsibility to bring our unique sensibilities to bear, whether we are technologists or not. The transHuman Code invites everyoneto be a part of the conversation.
Danil Kerimi

Head of the Technology Industries for the World Economic Forum where he facilitates the critical global dialogue between government, business and academic leaders on the future of technology

This is a book that delivers a long-term view on how to manage the convergence of humanity and technology. Only David and Carlos have the foresight and network to bring together a stellar group of experts on the socio-political impact of techno-economical transformations happening on a daily basis all over the world. This is indeed a great platform to engage us all in a conversation that is so critical to our future!
Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott Executive Chair of the Blockchain Research Institute, author of "The Digital Economy" and "The Blockchain Revolution", is one of the world’s leading authorities on the impact of technology on business and society

Our world is being transformed at an unprecedented pace. This book raises the question at the center of this new era of technological disruption: what will the role be for humans in the future? With the transHuman Code, we can now choose a path for our future that protects both humanity and human identity.
Evan Fraser

Director of the Arrell Food Institute, Canada Research Chair at the University of Guelph, is one of the world’s foremost food authorities and the author of "Empires of Food: Feast, Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations"

Artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, sensors, and the internet of things promise a brave new world of greater efficiencies and novel solutions. What humanity needs, now more than ever, is a sensible user manual that will direct us in how to use this technology. Moreira and Fergusson give us this guidance. The transHuman Code is a lucid and compelling humanist's blueprint on how to ensure the disruptive technologies, that will define the 21st century, are harnessed for the public good.
Jon Rettinger

Jon Rettinger Co-Founder of TechnoBuffalo, the largest independent consumer electronics portal in the world.

Every user of technology—which is pretty much everybody—should read this book. It’s filled with profound questions we should all be asking ourselves about what we hope our relationship with technology will, and will not, ultimately do for us. Before you pick up your phone again, read The transHuman Code.
Kavita Gupta

Kavita Gupta Founding Managing Partner at ConsenSys Ventures, leading investment for the creator of the leading blockchain solution – Ethereum, a social finance pioneer and a leading innovator in technology financing and advancement.

With the transHuman Code, we can establish the most important basic principle of technological innovation – Ethics of use. Every coder should owe a moral responsibility to only create products that the whole world can use safely in the world of AI. We have been waiting too long for this book!
Megan Alexander

Correspondent for the # syndicated news tv show "Inside Edition" and author of "Faith In The Spotlight".

The TransHuman Code is the MUST READ book of the year. As technology continues to disrupt every aspect our lives, David and Carlos discuss the imminent need for a bold conversation on what makes us human and what values we need to preserve and strengthen - before it’s too late. No topic is off limits and that’s what makes this book so essential.
Wang Wei

Founder of the China M&A Group investment bank and founding chairman of the China, Asia and Asia Pacific M&A Associations, often referred to as the ‘father of Chinese M&A’, is a global Blockchain champion.

Over the past 25 years, with China’s rising, I have been witness to the most dramatic growth of the financial markets in our country. Today, China is undergoing another revolution, the technological revolution and it is both promising and threatening. We are pioneering the development and application of blockchain, AI and IoT for people of all ages, income levels and professions. By applying the transHuman Code, China can bring together social responsibility and technological innovation for the benefit of all.